Hastings Hawks Baseball


Are you a private citizen, lover of local baseball yet not interested in being an advertised sponsor but still want to help? Donations are always accepted. Contact a member of our board if your wish to donate.

Donation Level Donation amount
AAA $500-$999
AA $200-$499
A $100-$199
BLUE $50
GOLD $25




With out our Donors and Sponsors, we would not have a team. Thank you so much for those that contribute!

Where do the funds go?

The funds raised through all the avenues help the team in a variety of ways.

1. Game Balls - The home team must provide game balls for every game they play at home.
2. Umpires - The umpires are paid per game by the home team
3. Field use - Veterans Park complex rents the use of the fields out to every team that plays there, including the Hawks
4. Night games - Baseball under the lights in the summer air is what every kid dreams of. Unfortunately, the lights are not free.
5. Uniforms - The players are responsible for the upkeep of their uniforms but the uniforms are provided by the team.
6. Park improvements - The city may own the park, but we play there and we want you to have the best experience possible, so we use our funds to help improve Vets Park for everyone to enjoy the best baseball experience possible.

These are just a few basic areas the funds are used.




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