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Current Player Information Update

Below is the information that www.mnbaseball.org lists on their website except the contact information. (phone, address, email) Those are for team / league records only.

First  :    Last :   

What Jersey numbers do you currently have?
(We have officially retired the WHITE jersey)
Black Jersey Number 1:   These will be back-ups
Gold Jersey Number 2: These will be used for pre-games warm-up

All info below is for Hawks only.

This is for ordering new jerseys as the team can afford to or needs to.

Jersey Size:  

PREFERRED Jersey Number
1st choice      2nd choice
We cannot guarantee you a specific number. Numbers are given out based on seniority and after that first come first serve.

Remember, Game Jerseys are the property of the Hastings Hawks and must be returned upon the request of the Managers or Board Members.

Walk up music:

Keep in mind, It must be kid friendly. No swearing, no excessive beeps or blank spots to cover up swearing.

If you have a specific version you are looking for and a specific point in the song, take the time to find the version you want on www.youtube.com then copy and past the link as the song. For the note, you can put in a time marker with a small description of where it starts and ends.

Changing songs mid game is a huge pain. Changing songs after a game is not going to happen during the week.

Do not leave it up to the board, you will NOT like their choice and you will be stuck with it for a few home games.r />

Walk Up Song 1:
Walk Up Note1:

Walk Up Song 2:
Walk Up Note 2:

Walk Up Song 3:
Walk Up Note 3:

Pitchers Starting Song:
PitcPitchers Starting Note:

Is your name often mis-pronounced? If So, enter it phoenetically here, or tell us what it sounds like. Thanks!


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