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MBA Player Eligibility

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Article 9 of the MBA regarding Player Eligibility.
As of 2011

A. Residence:
A player must physically live in residence FULL TIME to qualify for
establishing residency. “Residence” shall mean the place where a
new player actually establishes his residence on or before March 15
of the current baseball season and continues his habitat there until he
participates in 4 league games during the current year. He must take
demonstrative legal action to establish said residence-such as voter
registration, drivers license change, income tax return, renters insurance
policy, homeowners insurance policy, copies of rent checks, copies of
mortgage payments, copies of mail delivered to address, verification
from landlord, etc. The new player must also be able to show proof that
he actually resided in said residence from on or before March 15 of the
current year and remained there until he participated in 4 league games.
League members, league officers, commissioners and state board
members may investigate whether or not the new player actually is living
in said residence. Penalty:Player and team will be barred from post
season play for that season for not complying. Player and team must
return to State Board for reinstatement.
B. Radius Player: The radius requirements for all players will be calculated by
a (GPS Visualizer). The radius was set at 30 miles from players’ residence to
the ball park address. This will also change the college rule to 30 mile radius.
This is similar to the previous rule using (as the crow flies). However, the new
rule is from (players’ residence to address of ball park). The old rule was (city
limits to city limits). When using the (GPS) teams must declare the (latitude and
longitude) of player address and ball park address. These measurements must
be recorded with your league secretary.
1. Class “A” Player Pool Geographical Boundaries:
Internet Copy12
West 494...south to County Rd. 18 to the MN River...follow river
northeastward until it intersects with 494 again...then northeastward to 694...
northwestward back to intersection of 494. Point of clarification: All new
teams with municipal boundaries on both sides of Hwy. 494-694 shall
be classified by the State Board. Other municipalities, towns or cities who
maybe deemed class A teams in the future would fall under these same class
A player pool guidelines.
C. College Rule: Full time college students may use either of their
parents’ home and 30 mile radius or their college address and 30 mile
radius. After completion of college, the player may choose only the
currently used residence and 30 mile radius. Once they have chosen a
college residence they must re-establish their residence to go to any
other team they would like to go to, including their parents residency.
1. College players that use their college address are not eligble to play
with a Class “C” team. (Violation) covered under ineligible player.
2. The board shall have the authority to classify/re-classify all teams
considering A, B, or C. Players inside the 494/694 loop will not be
allowed to go outside the loop to play on Class B or C teams. Any player
that wishes to play Class “A” regardless of residency, will be allowed
to play Class “A” ball (with) State Board permission on a case by case
3. With approval of the MBA Board of Directors, a team may move from any
unincorporated area or city to a new location outside of its present area or city,
a player who was under contract with the team and was eligible the season
prior to the move he will continue to be eligible.
D. Player Questionnaire:
It is each team’s responsibility to determine that a player is eligible
before signing him to a contract and playing him in games, If there is
any doubt, the league shall complete, in full, a player questionnaire, rule
on same, and submit it to the state secretary for final approval, This
questionnaire must be received by the state secretary at least 5 days
prior to the next Board meeting, Player in question and his manager
must appear before the State Board for final approval, only after league
action was taken first. Player shall not participate in any games until
his eligibility is established by the foregoing procedure. Penalty for not
complying shall be loss of eligibility of the player for the remainder of
the season. No player questionnaires shall be submitted after June MBA
Internet Copy13
meeting. Player eligibility will only be heard by the Board as a protest, if
submitted after June 30th.
E. Serviceman:
A serviceman on furlough, leave or discharged, is eligible to play with the
team he is legally under contract to. He is eligible to be drafted for tournament
play if he meets the four-league game rule.
F. Player Eligibility-Players must play in (4) registered league games to be
eligible for post season play. (Note) A league can use another league for
(player) eligibility providing they play a full league schedule. League should
submit name of leagues it would play on their registration card.
G. Schedule (Exception) - Class “B” teams will be given an option
of using (both): 1. Their league schedule and 2. Their section seeding
games to count towards their (4) game eligibility. League should submit
name of league it would play on their registration card

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