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2017 brought the Hawks some great financial fortune! We had not one, but TWO donors step up and offer to help purchase items for the team!

Both wanted to help in any way possible, but their main focus was on making the team safe, comfortable and looking good on the field.

Former board member Brian Schommer of Schommer insurance approached the team in 2016 about honoring his mother and father, both avid baseball fans. He wanted to give to the Hawks shortly after his mother passed away. Team President, Bruce Karnick told him "We'd love to do that, but I want to make sure it is done right, lets explore options."

 It took the better part of the off season to come up with the way to do that.

Before we move to the good stuff. Mizuno, while they make a wonderful product, we are not currently using them. Their online uniform designer is great for helping us put to paper the designs we have visualized.

Without further delay, I present to you, our finalists for the Ray and Eileen Schommer Jerseys.

2017 Green Jersey update
The Ray and Eileen Memorial Jersey!

New Jersey 1

Current Black Jersey

Our current Jersey is Black with the Hawk logo and player numbers. This Jersey is a few years old, we will be replacing the ones showwing signs of wear. They will still be an option for the 2017 season

New Jersey 2

Current Vegas Gold Jersey

Our vegas gold jersey is our official warm up shirt for pregram activities.

Jersey plan

Our jersey plan is in processes and will likely be a fluid thing for years to come. That being said, our board is currently working on a more solid plan to ensure future Hawks teams look sharp every time they take the field for all of our games.

We are testing the current brand for durability. If they last as expected, we are hoping to replace them every 4 to 6 years. We do currently need two sets of jerseys to maintain that rotation and the longevity of the uniforms. All white uniforms at the amateur level do not hold up more than a season, so do not expect to see a white any time soon.

If we can find a donor this year, we would like to replace our blacks. If we cannot do that this year, we are working on budgeting to do that within the next 2 years. Here is the proposed replacement. If you own a buisiness and would like to talk about a donation for new black uniforms, please contact our President - Bruce Karnick.

Proposed Black Away Jerseys

New Jersey 2


New Jersey 2 


New Jersey 2 


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