Hastings Hawks Baseball

Board of Directors

Our annual elections of officers takes place in October of each year.

New board members are welcome to join at any time, and we are always looking for people that are passionate about local baseball. You simply have to have a love of the game and volunteering in the community to join.

If you would like to participate on our board of directors, please contact one of our members!

2016 - 2017 Board of Directors


Bruce Karnick president@hastingshawks.com
Also Promotions Director promotions@hastingshawks.com
Follow on Twitter! @VoiceOfVetsPark Joined Board : Summer 2010



Vice President

Kyle Benson vicepresident@hastingshawks.com
Follow on Twitter! @Kyle_Kylcin Joined Board : November 2015


Secretary / Treasurer

Kathy Karnick secretary@hastingshawks.com
Also Concessions Director concessions@hastingshawks.com
  Joined Board : October 2014




Shawn Matson manager@hastingshawks.com
Follow on Twitter! @ShawnMatson2 Joined Board : another lifetime ago :)


Assistant Manager

Wesley Hedlund amanager@hastingshawks.com
Follow on Twitter! @WesleyHedlund25 Joined Board : October 2016


At Large Members

Mike Schlottman Joined Board : November 2015
Follow on Twitter! @schlotts37 Resigned : December 2016
Troy Nordine  
  Joined Board : November 2015
Derek Simon  
  Joined Board : April 2016
Jerry Wolters  
  Joined Board : October 2016
Ryan Hanson  
  Joined Board : October 2016

Previous Boards

Click here for our previous boards dating back to 2012

The Board

The purpose of the board of directors is to ensure the Hawks have a competitive/fun team on and off the field. Each member plays a vital role in the success of the Hawks program. If you see a member of the board at a game, thank them for their volunteer work on the board!



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